What is Gestalt therapy?

What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the present moment and emphasizes the integration of the mind and body. The word “gestalt” comes from the German word meaning “shape” or “form,” and in this context, it refers to the concept of wholeness and completeness.

The goal of gestalt therapy is to help individuals become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present moment and to work through any unresolved issues that may be interfering with their ability to live in the present. The therapist may use various techniques, such as role-playing, dialogue, and dream work, to help the client gain insight into their experience and to develop new perspectives and ways of coping.

One of the key principles of gestalt therapy is the importance of self-awareness and personal responsibility. The therapist encourages the client to take ownership of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and to explore how they may be contributing to their problems. The therapist also emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship, as a safe and supportive environment can help the client to explore difficult issues and make positive changes in their life.

Shervan K Shahhian

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