What is Habit reversal training?

What is Habit reversal training?

Habit Reversal Training (HRT) is a form of behavioral therapy that aims to help individuals change a habitual behavior or repetitive behavior. It is particularly effective for disorders that involve repetitive behaviors, such as hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking (excoriation disorder), and nail-biting.

HRT is based on the principle of awareness training, which involves making the individual more aware of the triggers that lead to the habit and the habit itself. The individual is then taught to replace the habit with a more desirable behavior.

The main components of HRT include:

Awareness training: The individual is taught to become more aware of their triggers and the behavior they want to change.

Competing response training: The individual learns to replace the habit with a more desirable behavior that is incompatible with the habit.

Social support: Family and friends are involved in the process to provide support and reinforcement.

Generalization training: The individual is taught to apply the techniques learned in therapy to different situations and environments.

Overall, HRT is an effective treatment for individuals who struggle with repetitive behaviors, and it can help individuals regain control over their lives and improve their overall well-being.

Shervan K Shahhian

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