What is Multisystemic therapy?

What is Multisystemic therapy? Multisystemic therapy (MST) is an evidence-based, family- and community-based treatment approach that is used to treat young people with serious emotional, behavioral, and/or substance use problems. MST is typically delivered over a period of 3-5 months by a team of specially trained therapists who work with the young person and their family, as well as with other key systems such as schools, juvenile justice, and child welfare services. The therapy is designed to address the multiple factors that contribute to the young person’s problems, including their family, peer, and school environments, as well as their own behavior and thinking patterns. MST is based on the principle that the best way to address the complex problems of young people with serious emotional and behavioral problems is to intervene in the natural ecology of the young person’s life. The therapy aims to empower families to develop the skills and resources they need to address these problems in a sustained way and to build positive relationships with the key systems in the young person’s life. Research has shown that MST is an effective treatment approach for young people with a range of emotional and behavioral problems, including conduct disorder, substance abuse, and depression. It has also been shown to be cost-effective and to reduce the need for more restrictive interventions such as residential treatment and hospitalization.

Shervan K Shahhian

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