What is the Conversational model of psychotherapy?

What is the Conversational model of psychotherapy? The Conversational Model of Psychotherapy is a therapeutic approach that was developed by British psychiatrist Dr. David Malan in the 1970s. It is a type of psychodynamic psychotherapy that emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the process of conversation in facilitating psychological healing.

The Conversational Model views psychological difficulties as stemming from unresolved conflicts and unconscious defenses, which can be explored and resolved through the therapist-patient dialogue. The therapist aims to establish a supportive and empathic relationship with the patient, and actively engages with them in a dialogue to help uncover the patient’s emotional conflicts, assumptions, and expectations.

The Conversational Model emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the nuances of language, tone, and nonverbal communication, as these can reveal underlying emotional processes. The therapist may use various techniques such as clarification, reflection, and interpretation to help the patient gain insight into their emotional experiences and develop new ways of understanding themselves and their relationships.

Overall, the Conversational Model of Psychotherapy emphasizes the importance of dialogue and the therapeutic relationship in promoting psychological healing and growth.

Shervan K Shahhian

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