What is Collaborative therapy?

What is Collaborative therapy? Collaborative therapy is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client, as well as the client’s involvement in the therapeutic process. In collaborative therapy, the therapist works together with the client as a partner, rather than as an authority figure, to identify and address the client’s concerns and problems. The collaborative approach views the client as the expert on their own experiences, and the therapist’s role is to facilitate the client’s exploration and understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The therapist and client work collaboratively to set goals for therapy and develop strategies for achieving them. Collaborative therapy also involves an emphasis on cultural humility, recognizing that clients come from diverse backgrounds and that their experiences and values should be respected and incorporated into the therapeutic process. It is an integrative approach that draws from multiple theoretical orientations and techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and solution-focused therapy.

Shervan K Shahhian

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