What is Precognition?

What is Precognition?

Precognition refers to the purported ability to gain knowledge about future events or experiences before they occur through extrasensory perception (ESP) or other supernatural means. It suggests that an individual can obtain information about events or circumstances that are yet to happen, bypassing the conventional understanding of time and causality.In popular culture and fiction, precognition is often depicted as a form of clairvoyance or foresight, allowing individuals to predict specific details about future events. This concept has been explored in various mythologies, religious beliefs, and paranormal phenomena throughout history.It’s important to note that while many people claim to have had precognitive experiences, there is no scientific consensus supporting the existence of precognition or any other form of psychic ability. The scientific community generally views such claims as pseudoscience or the result of cognitive biases, coincidence, selective memory, or other psychological factors.Research into precognition and related phenomena, such as premonitions or prophetic dreams, remains a subject of ongoing debate and investigation within parapsychology, a field that explores paranormal phenomena. Shervan K Shahhian

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