What is Attachment therapy?

What is Attachment therapy? Attachment therapy is a controversial and largely discredited approach to treating children with behavioral and emotional problems, particularly those who have experienced early childhood trauma, neglect, or abuse. It is based on the theory that insecure attachment is the root cause of many psychological and behavioral issues, and that by forming a strong attachment between the child and a therapist or caregiver, the child’s emotional and behavioral problems can be resolved. Attachment therapy can take many different forms, but some of the most common techniques include holding therapy, where the child is physically restrained and held by a therapist or caregiver; rebirthing therapy, where the child is wrapped in blankets and encouraged to struggle and “rebirth” themselves; and rage reduction therapy, where the child is encouraged to express their anger and frustration in a controlled environment. However, attachment therapy has been widely criticized by mental health professionals and child welfare experts, who argue that many of the techniques used in this type of therapy are dangerous and can cause physical and emotional harm to the child. There have been numerous cases of children dying or being seriously injured during attachment therapy sessions, and as a result, many states in the US have banned or heavily regulated this type of therapy.

Shervan K Shahhian

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