What are Exceptional Experiencers (ExErs) in counseling?

Exceptional Experiencers (ExErs) are individuals who have had extraordinary experiences that are difficult to explain within our current understanding of the world. These experiences can range from mystical or spiritual encounters to encounters with extraterrestrial beings or unidentified flying objects. ExErs often report feeling isolated and misunderstood, as their experiences can be met with skepticism or even ridicule by others.In counseling, the term “ExErs” is used to refer to individuals who have had these types of exceptional experiences and who seek support in processing and integrating these experiences into their lives. Counseling for ExErs often involves a non-judgmental and supportive approach that allows the individual to explore their experiences and feelings, as well as helping them to develop coping strategies for dealing with any distress or anxiety that may arise as a result of their experiences.It is important to note that while counseling for ExErs may involve exploring the paranormal or supernatural, it is not necessarily focused on proving the validity of their experiences. Rather, the goal is to help the individual make sense of their experiences and find a way to live a fulfilling and meaningful life in light of these experiences.

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